~families seek our services to reduce annoying and potentially dangerous pests from in and around their homes, and have peace of mind knowing we use safe and friendly products~


Unlike any other pest control company. We use ‘low tox and enviro friendly’ products. Established in 1992, over 26 years of excellence and experience!


Specialising in flies, mozzies and spiders.


Our products are carefully selected, being the safest for you, your children, pets and the environment. We take a GREEN approach to pest control– using biodegradable and non-accumulative (yet effective) products and green processes.


Unlike traditional companies who use HARSH, TOXIC chemicals in and around your house.


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The Bush Fly???

The bush fly is possibly the most widely known & annoying flying pest in the outdoors during Australian summers & is attributable to much of the use of personal insect repellant products during this time. The appearance of this fly is similar to the house fly, except it is smaller & the life cycle is […]

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