Our Technicians

All of our FlyCo Technicians have been carefully selected to ensure they provide a friendly and  professional service. We entrust our technicians to work closely with our customers to protect their homes from flies, mozzies and spiders. Our technicians are all fully licensed in accordance with Government regulations via the Department of Primary Industry, Water & environment. Appropriate background checks have been completed on each technician to make sure the best person is chosen for the job.

Our technicians schedule their day to include a group of bookings in a similar area or run.

Once they arrive:

  • they will confirm with the customer the areas to be treated with a walk around the property
  • once all household members and their pets are out the property, they will mix up their product and change in to their protective gear
  • (which is stipulated in regulations)

  • a hand pumped back pack allows the technician specialised control over the odourless, colourless fine mist spray they use
  • the technician will target specific surfaces areas that get regular insect traffic
  • you can enter back inside the property once it has dried, the technician will inform you of the best time to re-enter

And most importantly our technicians are very professional, and are a friendly lot of blokes who enjoy their job.

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