Why Us?

Best Pest Control – Fly Co – The Green Pesty

We provide a unique protection for your home. Our product and method has been carefully developed to safeguard your family and friends in an Eco-friendly manner. Other pest control companies use harsh chemicals that either bomb or drown your home. Our Eco-friendly service keeps your family safe, whilst also minimizing the impact on the environment. It’s important to us that you get to you use your home and entertaining spaces knowing that it is protected inside and out.


You May Have Seen Our  Flyco T.V ad…

What we’re good at

Flies, Mosquitoes and Spiders are our specialty, the product we use affects the insect’s nervous system, and so they don’t become aggressive as they die. The larger the insect the longer it takes to die.

This product also works on other insects.

  • Customers find the product is beneficial on millipedes, silverfish and cockroaches.

We provide a safe economical service with minimal disruption.

Us interrupting your business?

Our technicians are happy to fit in with your schedule. We treat businesses at all hours, whether it’s 5am or 10pm. However you need to vacate the premises while spraying is in progress.
Our aim is ‘minimal disruption’ to your business.

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