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The Mad March OFFER 2014

Dear Fly Co – The Green Pesty Valued customer, If you haven’t had your home or business treated yet, don’t let it get out of hand call us NOW and save. We have been listening to some feedback from you about rising costs of things, we understand and being in business we certainly know that our […] – Do Pest Control Chemicals harm Pets?

Pest control chemicals will not harm pets if used sensibly and with care. If you are planning on using a pest control chemical then it is advised that a number of precautions are taken to protect your pets. Care of pets when using pest control chemicals: Read the label on the product and follow the […]

Pest Control Services: How do you get rid of house flies?

House flies are a dreadful nuisance and expose people to a number of unpleasant diseases. It has been roughly calculated that there are 180 different houseflies. The flies commonly seen in our houses are musca domestica and musca vetustissima, (bush flies). Although these are recognisably the most common house flies, the others are also in […]

Organic pest control: How do you control rodent attacks

Rodents such as rats and mice are often described as a nuisance; really they are more than a nuisance. Rodents are a pest, which need to be controlled as they do carry and spread dangerous infectious diseases such as salmonella food poisoning, leptospirosis and tapeworm. These diseases can all have serious consequences for humans especially in […]

Hiring professionals keeps rodents away?

Rats and mice are extremely common rodents which cause significant damage in our houses and businesses and  especially where food is produced. Signs of rodent infestation:                        Evidence of mice – (mus musculus) is observed by: small holes in stored food packets small pieces of […]

How do you know you have a rodent problem?

Mice are small in size but they can create a whole lot of mess in your house. Across the world, almost every other home experiences rodent problems. These small mammals like to roam free in your house while making their shelters in the walls. They sneak around and spread germs and dirt, and destroy household […]