What do you do?

Our technician treats the surfaces that get the most fly traffic (ceiling, entrances etc).
This takes about 15-20 minutes per standard sized house.

What is the product you use?

We use a Pyrethroid which is colourless, odourless and environmentally friendly. It is pre mixed and applied in a fine misty spray, from a hand pumped back pack.

How does it work?

Any fly, mosquito or spider that touches a treated area, gets a dose and will die. The size of the insect governs how quickly it dies – mozzies die quickly, blowies can take 5-10 minutes and large spiders may take 24-48 hours, they don’t become aggressive, as with some other products. The treatment is NOT a repellant.

How safe is it?

Like all chemical compounds, it is a question of dose. Many compounds which we are exposed to every day are potentially toxic (e.g. Coffee and Salt) but the doses we are exposed to are low enough for them not to be. Our product is less toxic than salt and caffeine and at our ratio the potential for exposure is extremely low.

What should I do before the sprayer arrives?

Just look at each room and think to yourself “What would I NOT want to spray fly spray onto?” and cover those things with old newspaper. Cover toothbrushes, pillows, jug, toaster… Goldfish don’t like any sort of fly spray, and should be covered or removed while the treatment takes place.

How long do I need to be out of the house?

You will need to be out of the house for the duration of the treatment (15 – 20 minutes) then about one hour after treatment. Check your invoice to see when it is safe to re-enter your home.

Is it safe for my pets?

Apart from fish, Pyrethroid is safe for pets, but we recommend they be out of the house until the treatment is finished and dry, which will vary depending on the weather. Everybody should be out of the house while it is being treated, and until it is dry.

How much does it cost for treatment?

We charge $132 (includes GST) for treatment of a standard residential house (typically a 16sq home), the treatment is charged on the amount of pyrethroid used for your job and sometimes we can fit a shed or garage into this range, if your home requires more treatment we charge $16 for every litre after that.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes, we do. its called our Green Rewards Program. Book a friend or new customer and accumulate dollars off your next treatment.

Do you offer sponsorship for schools & clubs?

Yes, we do. Each booking that aligns with your club/school we donate $10 back. Clubs/schools need to call office to register. For more information call 1800 815 730 or send us an email.

Do you have specialty treatments for other pests?

Our additional specialty treatments are for cockroaches, wasps, rodents, and ants.

After Treatment

Wipe over any food prep areas with with a damp cloth of  hot soapy water. You’ll find the dead flies mostly along the window sills, but they often go out to die.
Brush the cobwebs down about three weeks after treatment.
You will notice a large number of the insect population has disappeared and will stay that way for months.