The Mad March OFFER 2014

Dear Fly Co – The Green Pesty Valued customer,

If you haven’t had your home or business treated yet, don’t let it get out of hand call us NOW and save.

We have been listening to some feedback from you about rising costs of things, we understand and being in business we certainly know that our costs have risen considerably also, but we have put our thinking caps on to address the matter and this is what we came up with to help you make some great savings.

As part of our March Promotion we are offering our existing customers an exclusive Fly Co OFFER. If you buy 2 treatment vouchers, we will give you a 10% discount but buy 3 and we will give you a 15% discount. WOW what a saving on a $150 spend x 2 is $30 $150 x3 is $67.50

However the best part about this offer is the price is locked in. It doesn’t matter if the price goes up next season or the following season, you have already paid for it and don’t need to worry about a thing, just call us up when you are ready to have your home treated and we will arrange the rest!! To take us up on this offer, call us on 1800 815 730 and mention this offer.

Did you know THE Fly Co – The Green Pesty now offers specialised treatments?

Fly Co is now offering specialised treatments. This includes treatment of Rodents, wasps, millipedes and infestations of flies, ants and cockroaches. These pests are treated on top of the general spray, so if you have a problem with any of these you can talk to your technician or call the office and we’d be happy to discuss a solution for you.

Did You know we now do Ant inspections?

Our Licensed Tech comes and completes a thorough inspection delivers to you a 5 page report on his findings and recommendations. We also have a special price for our existing customers mention this letter to get the special price.

Australian Standards AS 3600.2 recommends routine timber pest inspections at least annually.

And last but NOT least….our Loyalty Program!

We wanted to reward our loyal customers and give back to them, so we introduced “The Fly Co Loyalty Program” Do you recommend us to your friends and family? Next time you do, get them to mention your name at the time of booking and you can receive a $10 voucher for each new customer. We also have vouchers if you group book 5 or more customers. Check out our website for more information or give us a call. We have customers getting great savings and using their vouchers to have 2 treatments a year! Fantastic!

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