Upcycle and give new life to that daily newspaper…

Why do we always feel pressured into buying all new wrapping paper each year, to neatly wrap and decorate the gift. Isn’t the focus meant to be on whats inside… not what it is wrapped in!?? They only tear it off and throw it in the bin anyway.
For those that would like to be more enviro mindful this Christmas, by simply re-using something you already have.

Get your paint brushes out and jazz up some of last week’s newspaper. If you have kids it’s a great activity to keep them busy.
Ava is 8 months old and loved it, We used homemade paint (because we all know at this age, they just want to place EVERYTHING in their mouth!) We kept ours pretty simple, but i’m sure your inner child will kick in.. think sparkles, rainbow colours… :) You may even want to use a flower or mint leaves to create a bow.
Have a wonderful Christmas from everyone at FlyCo the Green Pesty!

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