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If there’s one thing that can hamper your enjoyment of the warm summer months, it’s the presence of mosquitos. Whether they’re feasting on your blood during an outdoor barbecue or keeping you awake with their whine while you’re trying to sleep, there’s no denying the annoyance they can cause. Some individuals even experience an allergic reaction to mosquito bites, making mosquito pest control just as important as pest control for spiders.

At Green Pesty, we’re proud to provide eco friendly pest control for mosquitos in Victoria and New South Wales. You can rely on our team to reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, helping to protect you and your family. Using green products that are pet and kid friendly, we can carry out effective mosquito control that allows you to say goodbye to these pesky pests and their annoying bites.

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Information About Mosquitos

Mosquitos are small flies with long narrow wings with scales along the veins and wing margins. The mouth parts are formed into a long tube for sucking, and antennae in males are usually feathered. The larvae are aquatic and known as wrigglers, and they’re often seen coming to the surface to breathe through a syphon.

Mosquitoes love to inhabit still water, often in small spaces like tree holes or even tin cans. The pupae are also aquatic and active. For this reason, one of the best mosquito prevention methods is to minimise still water on your property. If mosquitos continue to hang around, mosquito pest control may be necessary.

The adult females of most species feed on blood, but the males never do. The 275 Australian species of mosquito feed at different times of the day, and a feeding female can swell to twice her size. Many mosquitoes are disease carriers, acting as transmitters for malaria, dengue fever, filariasis, and other parasites and viruses. This makes mosquito pest control especially important to keep you and your family safe. Mosquito pest control is also vital if any members of your family are allergic to mosquito bites. You might suffer from a mosquito allergy if you experience severe swelling and itching when bitten.

Areas We Service

Green Pesty services many areas across Victoria and New South Wales, with our technicians able to travel within a 2 hour radius. Make us your first choice when you need eco friendly pest control for mosquitos in:

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