How Pest Control Gets Rid of Roaches
August 24, 2022

How Pest Control Gets Rid of Roaches

If you’ve noticed the presence of cockroaches in your home, it’s likely you have an infestation. Where there’s one cockroach, there are often many more lurking unseen, making it vital to arrange cockroach pest control in Melbourne at your earliest convenience. At The Green Pesty (Fly Co), we’re proud to provide superior cockroach pest control for homes and businesses requiring eradication of roaches. Continue reading to find out how our pest control works to get rid of cockroaches.

Our Methods for Cockroach Pest Control

Often, a multi-pronged approach is best for cockroach control. That’s why our team offers a range of different solutions that can be used either independently or in conjunction with other options to eradicate cockroaches. Depending on the extent of infestation, our cockroach exterminator in Melbourne may do one or more of the following:

  • Set down cockroach baits that poison cockroaches after the bait is consumed. The bait is designed to be as appealing as possible for cockroaches.
  • Spray the areas where cockroaches are present with an eco-friendly insecticide. We only use solutions that are completely safe for pets and kids.
  • Lay down sticky cockroach traps that trap cockroaches when they walk across the sticky surface.

To learn more about our methods of cockroach control and find out which may be most appropriate for your property, get in touch with our expert team today.

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