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May 31, 2020

Mosquitoes Can Carry Deadly Diseases

Strike Back Now with the Best Mosquito Control in Shepparton

If you’re concerned about mosquitos, you’re right to be concerned. Mosquitos can carry many blood-borne deadly diseases, including malaria, Zika virus, West Nile Virus, Chikungunya virus, and dengue fever, amongst others. There are different kinds of mosquitos in various parts of the world. This means that not every mosquito will carry every virus – rather, it depends on which geographical area the mosquito is in and what variety of mosquito it is. But no matter what area you live in, to prevent disease, mosquito pest control is just as important as black widow spider pest control. Even in Shepparton, home mosquito control could save your life. You never know who is in Shepparton, having just been overseas in infected areas of the world. If a mosquito bites them and then bites you, you could also become a carrier of an infectious blood-borne disease.

How Do Mosquitos Spread Disease?

When it comes to mosquitoes, there’s a transmission cycle where a female mosquito can pick up a disease or other pathogen from a host they bite (animal or human) and pass it on to other humans or animals in later “feeds”.  If a mosquito bites you, that means it has accessed your blood and there’s a chance that you could now be the carrier of a disease from that mosquito.

What Diseases Can Mosquitos Spread?

Some of the common diseases that mosquitos spread around the world include:


Malaria can be life-threatening, although it is curable. It enters the body through bites of Anopheles mosquitos, which carry parasites that are then passed on to the human. There were 228 million cases of malaria across the world in 2018. 93% of cases of Malaria originate in the African Region.

Zika Virus

The Aedes mosquitos are responsible for transmitting the Zika virus. Symptoms are mild and can include fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise and headache. An infected person may experience these symptoms from 2 to 7 days. Sometimes paralysis can occur with infection with Zika virus, and in pregnant women, it can be responsible for birth defects.

West Nile Virus

A single-stranded RNA virus, West Nile Virus causes a fever and is related to other mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika virus, dengue virus and yellow fever virus. The Culex mosquitos are primarily the cause of WNV spread. It is very common in the USA during mosquito season. There are currently no preventative vaccines or medications to treat WNV. 1 in 5 infected people will develop a fever and additional symptoms, while 1 in 150 can be afflicted by a serious and sometimes fatal illness. Many people who are infected with WNV don’t have any symptoms at all.

Chikungunya Virus

This virus can be found throughout the world, especially in Africa, Asia and India. Within a week of being bitten by an infected mosquito, fever and joint pain may appear suddenly. Other symptoms that might be experienced include muscle pain, headache, fatigue and rashes. Usually the virus lasts a week or so, and there are currently no treatments for this virus apart from treating symptoms.

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is another virus transmitted by certain mosquito varieties. It’s common in Asia, the Pacific, Central and Southern America and Africa where these mosquitos are found. Dengue often occurs in North Queensland from imports overseas. There are four kinds of dengue virus – dengue 1, 2, 3 and 4. Once you have been infected with one type of this virus, you are at greater risk of illness from other types if you happen to contract them.

These are just a few of the most common mosquito-borne viruses that can be contracted throughout the world and even from cross-contamination when mosquitos feed on you at home. What’s more, some of these viruses don’t have treatments available for them, making them even more deadly.

What Can Be Done About Mosquito Control in Shepparton?

There are numerous ways to implement mozzie control at your home, even before you call mosquito control companies to come to your aid. Here are a few things to tick off in order to prevent mozzie bites and disease infection:

  • Cover all exposed skin with light yet long-sleeved shirts and long pants
  • Use an insect repellent like Natures Botanical – which contains Rosemary & cedarwood to repel the mosquitoes.
  • Always apply sunscreen before repellent if you’re going to be using both simultaneously
  • Sleep in air conditioned, screened-in rooms
  • When all else fails, use bed nets to keep mozzies away from your skin

Need Professional Help from Mosquito Pest Control Companies?

If you’ve done all you can but mosquitos are still plaguing you, then you need the help of home pest control companies. At FlyCo – The Green Pesty, we can reduce pesky and dangerous mosquitos from your home and minimise their breeding, the green way. Call us today on 1800 815 730 to request a quote. We can also assist with additional pest control services, including spider, fly and rodent pest control services.

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