Summer Newsletter 2021/22
May 13, 2022

How good is this warm weather..??? And very unseasonal rainfall in parts too! La Nina’ is in full swing for sure!

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and a good start to the new year!

We certainly hope you are enjoying the warm change and have managed to find some time to get out in the fresh air and garden over your summer holidays.

So summer is here, (but at times it has felt like winter lets be honest!) many of you will have already had us in to complete a spring/summer spray for your home and business.

The spiders are definitely out and about, not quite reaching the levels of last year at this stage and we have had patches where the flies and mozzies have been out in force also. We do expect the mozzies and flies to continue to get thicker after all the wet weather we have had recently. The damp wet conditions and stagnant water will provide great breeding grounds for mozzies in particular. Something to keep in mind if you are wondering why they are so bad.

If you haven’t already made a booking and would like to, please call us ASAP. We are currently taking bookings for late January, but some technicians do have availabilities sooner.

Our technicians are busy treating a range of schools across Vic and NSW whilst holidays are still going.

As you are all aware the Coronavirus is still wreaking havoc across the country. Just a reminder that our technicians will be asking screening questions before entering your house, but please do communicate to them if you are in a period of isolation.

Speaking of flies – we have a new product to offer some of our commercial businesses.
Introducing the Vectothor Osprey! A fly unit designed to catch flying insects through the use of 2x UV light globes. The lights are to be left on at all times, with insects being attracted to them and then flying into the light where at the rear a glue board sits and catches the insects. These units are great for food venues, where you want to avoid dead flies dropping to the floor or worst case, in peoples food.


Okay, so lets get this straight right off the bat – flies love organic matter (manure of any description) -they lay there eggs in it. So number one rule is pick up after your dog, cat, pet goat or sheep. Flies love to annoy us all in our undercover areas, but one thing they don’t like is wind. So having a fan or multiple fans will definately help deter flies from your space (plus it will probably blow them to your neighbours!). We have to be realists though, flies are a part of the Australian summer, they will always be around to a degree, but another useful way to drag them away is to hang fly traps up around your backyard. The flies will be attracted to the traps and you’ll be free to enjoy that snag or chop on the barbie!


Great to hang around the
home, dairies, piggeries, chook
house, stables and feedlots.

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