Here comes the wasps!
January 28, 2020

Have you noticed wasps making an intrusion at your house? I certainly have here at our house, especially the larger mud wasps. Don’t they look scary!

The season so far hasn’t really been consistent with weather to say the least, and that is a primary reason as to why the wasps have taken a little longer to arrive.

So come February, most towns across NSW and Vic will be noticing wasps around their properties, particularly around food, pool and entertaining areas.

Wasps are generally quite harmless, unless provoked. If you do see wasps flying around, don’t panic they will usually stick to themselves and keep moving.

Many people get scared seeing the large big orange wasps – these are mud wasps and are the most dosile of all the wasp species. They make a mud style nest which is generally attached to brickwork or render.

The smaller wasps you will notice are called paper wasps. They make a paper style, honeycomb shaped nest. Nest can vary in size and be quite large.

We suggest you leave these guys alone as they have been known to sting. If you do endeavour to do a little DIY pest control, night time would be your best option.

Finally the wasp of all wasps – the European wasp. These guys are small and almost look like bees. Bu

t don’t be fooled by this bee look alike – they pack some punch and you will generally see them hovering around sweet food trying to get a feed. Use extreme caution here, these guys can sting multiple times and will do if provoked or scared. If you notice a swarm or nest do not disturb or go near it. Call your local pest technician.

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