Pest Control for Local Government

Pest Control for Local Government Facilities

All government organisations need to ensure that their facilities are maintained to the highest possible standard in order to look respectable and clean. If a pest infestation breaks out at a government facility, it will not only tarnish their reputation, but can also be a health hazard for any staff members and visitors that go inside the building.

When it comes to pest control for government and other types of public facilities, get in touch with Green Pesty. We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to carry out effective pest control for public facilities in regional towns throughout New South Wales and Victoria.

Fully Trained Technicians

As one of the leading providers of pest control for government and public facilities, Green Pesty is fully aware of the specific needs and concerns of council offices and other public buildings. We have a team of qualified exterminators that specialise in providing effective pest control for public facilities across regional Victoria and New South Wale, helping to completely eradicate any type of pest and prevent them from coming back.

Comprehensive Inspections

As public facilities are used as gathering spaces for public events, it’s imperative that these facilities are completely protected against pests. Green Pesty is available to carry out inspections of government facilities in regional Victoria and New South Wales to determine where any pests in the building are and the severity of infestation. After the inspection, we will begin our work and help you implement pest prevention methods for the future.

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