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Rats and mice are a serious pest of humans! and freak many people out.

  • – Rats and mice are responsible for enormous loss of food and for their ability to transmit diseases to humans such as Salmonella food poisoning, leptospirosis, tape worm, etc and of course they can transmit fleas and may bite if scared or cornered.
  • – Their gnawing habits which are necessary to control the size of their chisel shaped front teeth cause damage to buildings, plumbing, gas pipes and electrical wiring.
    • *They have even been found to be the cause of some building fires.


  • We offer a preventative approach to managing the rodents around your home. We have selected one of the best international companies to supply our rodent stations and baits.

    • Your family and pet safety is at the forefront of this decision.
    • We know that there are many cheap and nasty products easily available to the public to pursue for their rodent management, however we know that our product is superior in quality and has maximal success in keeping your rodent population in control.
    • Our stations are:
      • Of a T1 world standard – meaning, they have been thoroughly tested with dogs and groups of children to be ‘tamper resistant’
      • They are made from recycled material, to ensure the least environmental impact
      • They are designed for the harsh Australian sun, and can withstand our U.V
      • Every bait, contains between 16-20 food grade ingredients for superior rodent palatability and acceptance.

Our technician’s will supply your home with the necessary rodent stations (small or large) to adequately protect your home. As our gift to our loyal customers, you will then receive complimentary re-baiting at your next FlyCo treatment

See our technician in action below- Clean, Check & Rebait...

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