Pest Control for Retirement Homes

Pest Control for Retirement Houses

Pest infestations can spiral out of control very quickly in retirement homes. Older people tend to have lower immunity and are therefore more susceptible to allergens and viruses that can come from pest urine and droppings.

At Green Pesty, we offer effective insect and rodent control for retirement houses located in regional towns across Victoria and New South Wales. We have a team of licensed and experienced pest exterminators who have vast knowledge when it comes to the challenges involved with pest management for retirement homes.

Qualified Technicians You Can Depend On

Green Pesty’s pest extermination experts have undergone the necessary training to carry out the specific type of pest management retirement homes need. We modify our methods to implement both insect and rodent control for retirement houses of all sizes, helping to fulfil all their pest control requirements and ensure pests are safely and effectively eliminated.

Comprehensive Pest Inspections

The first step Green Pesty takes when performing pest control for retirement houses is completing a thorough inspection of the premises. We will inspect every room in your facility, including units, common rooms, restrooms, recreational rooms and other areas to identify signs of infestation. After this, we’ll speak to you about what course of action is recommended and provide advice on how you can prevent future infestations from occurring.

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Look no further than Green Pesty for first-rate insect and rodent control for retirement houses. Contact us today by calling 1800 815 730, sending an email to or completing our general enquiry form.

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