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Pest Control for Café & Restaurant Facilities

Restaurant and café owners know what a major issue it is to have any type of pest infesting their premises. Both insects and rodents are attracted to restaurants and cafés due to all the food they contain, as well as the food waste that gets thrown out. Not only can pests put off customers from coming to your venue, but they can also contaminate the food you serve and spread disease, which can force your venue to close due to health code violations.

If you’ve seen any pests at your venue, get in touch with Green Pesty – the best pest control company for restaurants and cafes in regional Victoria and New South Wales. We offer a wide range of commercial restaurant pest control services as well as café services, helping businesses in the hospitality sector to get rid of any type of pest. No matter what type of business you operate, we can help make your venue pest-free again in no time.

Fully Qualified Technicians

Green Pesty’s team of qualified technicians are dedicated to helping restaurants and cafes in regional New South Wales and Victoria remain compliant with all pest control laws and regulations so they don’t get fined or have to close down. Our team understands the specific requirements that the hospitality sector must abide by in regards to pest management. We have the knowledge and equipment needed to carry out both insect and rodent control in restaurant and café establishments.

Thorough Inspections

To ensure that there are no pests or food contamination issues at your establishment, you should contact Green Pesty for a café or restaurant pest control inspection. Our technicians can conduct a thorough inspection of your venue to determine the severity of the infestation and recommend measures that will stop it from worsening. After this, we will carry out all necessary pest control work to ensure the extermination of all pests.

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