Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp Removal

Paper wasps are a common type of wasp known for their distinctive open-celled nests that are often found under eaves, in trees and in other sheltered locations. These insects are about an inch long with slender bodies, narrow waists and brown or black colouration with yellow markings. While they can be beneficial in controlling pest populations, a paper wasp nest near human activity can pose a risk due to the paper wasp’s painful sting. Fortunately, Green Pesty offers reliable paper wasp removal solutions that can effectively remove them from the area, and put your mind at ease.

Our Steps for Safe Removal

Our steps for safe paper wasp nest removal includes:

  • Identifying where wasps are entering and exiting, often under eaves or other sheltered spots.
  • Wearing protective gear such as long sleeves, gloves and masks to protect against stings.
  • Standing at a safe distance and spraying the nest thoroughly, ensuring all wasps are sprayed.
  • Carefully knocking down the nest with a long stick or similar tool and disposing of it.

For those preferring eco-friendly methods, natural wasp sprays made from peppermint oil may be effective. Additionally, a mixture of dish soap and water sprayed directly on wasps can clog their breathing pores and kill them without the use of harsh chemicals- however you will need to be in full PPE gear to prevent wasp attacks whilst treating them.

What is the Best Killer for Paper Wasps?

At Green Pesty, we use a spray containing an insecticide that quickly knocks down and kills wasps on contact. When using this spray, we ensure safety guidelines are followed, such as wearing protective clothing, spraying in the early morning or late evening when wasps are less active, and ensuring a clear escape route in case the wasps become aggressive.

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You can rely on the team at Green Pesty for safe and effective paper wasp nest removal. Contact us today to learn more about how to get rid of paper wasps in Australia.

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