Pest Control for Gym

Pest Control Services for Gym Facilities

Although gyms are places where people go to exercise, their exercise shouldn’t include running away from any pests they encounter in your facility. Not only will seeing pests put off your members from training at your gym, but it also means your facility might not be complying with health code regulations, giving it a bad reputation.

Green Pesty is a leading provider of pest control services for gym facilities in both regional Victoria and New South Wales. Our team of qualified pest exterminators can resolve any kind of pest infestation your gym or other type of fitness centre is dealing with. You can rely on us to carry out our work as quickly as possible to minimise any disruption your business faces.

Qualified Technicians

We know that fitness centre owners need a company who can handle all of their pest control needs.

Our team at Green Pesty will diagnose the issue and provide solutions tailored specifically for each individual location, so you will never worry about any more pesky critters making themselves comfortable in or around your place!

Our team of certified pest exterminators have vast experience performing both insect and rodent control in gym facilities. We use pest control sprays, baits and other products that are effective enough to eliminate any pests while also being safe for your staff and members to be around to.

Thorough Inspections

Green Pesty can send one of our pest control experts to your gym or other type of fitness centre to carry out an inspection and determine what type of pest is involved and where they’re hiding. We will then provide a report with the findings, and if you’re happy to proceed, we can provide our effective pest control services for your fitness centre.

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Green Pesty is the number one choice for insect and rodent control in gym facilities. Contact us today by calling 1800 815 730, sending an email to or filling out our general enquiry form online to book our pest control services for fitness centre facilities.

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