Pest Control for Hospitals

Pest Control Services for Hospitals

Pests can cause many issues in hospitals, aged care facilities and other types of healthcare facilities. Not only do they spread disease, but they can also contaminate food, chew on equipment, and make both staff and patients feel anxious. Any patients that have a low or compromised immune system will be particularly susceptible to the diseases that pests carry, which can be very dangerous for them.

Green Pesty is a leading provider of pest control for healthcare facilities in regional New South Wales and Victoria. Our trained exterminators can provide both insect and rodent control for aged care and other healthcare facilities, providing a tailored approach to combat any type of pest or level of infestation. We can get rid of everything from termites and cockroaches through to rats, ants and much more.

Qualified& Experienced Technicians

Green Pesty’s team of licensed exterminators have a great understanding of everything required to eliminate any type of pest that’s infesting your healthcare facility. Our exterminators are well trained and have access to state-of-the-art equipment, enabling them to carry out all kinds of pest control services for hospitals and aged care facilities.

Thorough Pest Inspections

At Green Pesty, we understand that having a pest infestation in your facility can pose a serious health and safety risk to both your patients and staff. Our experienced pest control experts are backed by years of experience performing pest control for healthcare facilities and can conduct a comprehensive inspection of your facility to find where the pests are coming from and what might be attracting them. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll use the findings to come up with an effective plan to get rid of them.

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You can rely on Green Pesty to carry out effective insect and rodent control for aged care and healthcare facilities. Call us on 1800 815 730, email or fill out our general enquiry form online to book our services.

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