I’ve booked my house in for a fly, mozzie & spider treatment

We here at Green Pesty want to ensure you get the most from your Green pesty spray treatment. As you are familiar we use products that have been selected to reduce the use of toxic chemicals around your home. Our spray treatment is over 30x LESS toxic than most other pest control companies! Its biodegradable and is non-bio accumulative (so it doesn’t build up in your soil over time). It’s a safer option to use around your children and pets! So once you have booked in your home or business to be treated with our enviro friendly pest control spray, please have a look over the following suggestions.This way, when your technician arrives it make for an efficient & most effective treatment.Please complete the following prior to your Green Pesty SPRAY Treatment to help maximise your
treatment and its efficacy

  • Remove as many old webs around your home as possible
  • Clean down external walls if they are really dusty- we do highly recommended that your wash /
    gurney down the exterior of the home if you live in a dust prone area.
  • All external awnings are to be rolled down
  • Open all windows (so flyscreens can be treated/or remove from windows)
  • Increase access to skirting boards (where possible – move some furniture out if possible)
  • Place your pillows under your doona cover
  • All internal blinds are to be up
  • Cover any fish ponds/ fish tanks
  • Cover fruit bowls, kettle & toaster with a tea towel
  • Cover/ remove your tooth brushes or place in drawer
  • If you have a young baby cover their toys, bedding, dummies and bottles with a towel/ sheet or
    place in cupboard
  • Remove all washing from your clothes line – so we can treat your clothesline
  • Ensure access is available to all shedding requiring treatment
  • If you have a pet, please ensure they are restrained or out of the direct spraying area
  • Empty and turnover pet food bowls while treatment is in progress
  • Open any wardrobes you would like treated

NOTE: old webs vs new webs- new webs can be left on, but old dirty/thick webs need to be cleaned away. Windows can be washed before treatment. Our techs will do their best to not get spray over glass. However if you choose to get windows done after treatment please wait at least 14 days and wash with the least amount of water and avoid splashing window sills.

**And Remember please only re-enter home/business as per the technician re-entry recommendations.
This will vary on the day of treatment due to the weather conditions.

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