We’ve booked our Education Facility in for a fly, mozzie & spider treatment

Thank you for booking in your education facility for an environmentally friendly pest control treatment. We here at Green Pesty want to ensure you get the most from your Green pesty spray treatment. As you are familiar we use products that have been selected to reduce the use of toxic chemicals around your business. Our spray treatment is over 30x LESS toxic than most other pest control companies! Its biodegradable and is non-bio accumulative (so it doesn’t build up in your soil over time). It’s a safer option to use around children and pets!

We have created a handout for you to print or email for the person preparing the site before our pest control treatment (ie: cleaner, maintenance crew). It’s important that they are aware that pest control has been organised for the school to ensure we maximise our treatment effectiveness. We always want to make sure we are aware of your current school cleaning program and that our treatment works in with your objectives for example:

  • Less spider web activity = less time spent on cleaning the building
  • Less spider & mozzie activity = safer environment for your staff and children
  • Less fly activity = more enjoyable work and learning space + less cleaning of fly dirt

Please have your key contact person read over the handout provided, and encourage them to call us if they have any further queries.

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