Our Technicians

Our qualified pest technicians are professional and love what they do. Each one has undertaken Diploma level training in pest management and are fully registered and governed by the Department of Health in Victoria and the EPA in NSW.

All of our FlyCo Technicians have been carefully selected to ensure they provide a friendly and professional service and also live by our company vales.

Once a technician arrives at your house:

  • They will confirm with you the areas to be treated with a walk around the property
  • Once all household members and their pets are out the property, they will mix up their product and change in to their protective gear (which is stipulated in regulations)
  • A hand pumped back pack (or an electric equivalent) allows the technician specialised control over the odourless, colourless fine mist spray they use
  • The technician will target specific surfaces areas that get regular insect traffic
  • You can re-enter back inside the property once it has dried, the technician will inform you of the best time to re-enter
  • **See our video below of one of our technicians in action!**

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