Winter Newsletter 2023

October 3, 2023

Well, what a wet winter it has been! Above average rainfall for most of NSW and Victoria it has been. So much for the cry of DROUGHT that was broadcast so widely  now I’m not saying spring may bring a different kettle of fish, but winter has certainly given us a good solid foundation leading into the warmer months. I know down here in North East Vic – we are only one decent rain dump away from the likelihood of another flood.

Okay – enough of the weather. So rats and mice had a decent little run on didn’t they..? Crazy early start to the traditional mouse season. We saw numbers sky rocket in late Feb/early March with an onslaught in both Vic and NSW. This was unusually early – in traditional seasons we wouldn’t see a spike until at least May.

Rats seemed to take the cake for the most destructive and prevalent. I know personally we had a period of 8-10 weeks when they were running rampant! Most areas experienced this, except for the Western district of Victoria.

Fortunately after that first real big dump of rain – the rainbomb – most rodent activity significantly slowed and is now at a minimum during the real cold snap. For more on rodents check out our latest blog here.

Here in the GP office we are flat out organising and finalising our Annual Conference to be held in a couple of weeks time!!! Holy Catfish – I need to get cracking!!

We are excited to have the whole team together and have a raft of guest speakers and industry experts lined up to further our knowledge and skills. We’ll give you an update and upload some photos in the spring Newsletter.

We’ll also be awarding our technician of the year and a few other awards that will be recognised formally over our Conference!

Now a change of pace – you may have heard us on the radio or even seen us on Seek over the last month or so. Well, exciting news – we have one position to fill. We are looking for someone to join our team over in the West of Victoria. If you know someone who would make a great technician – please send them to Jane.

Not long to go now before spring – we have been reviewing our VIP priority list – and we have some spots left if you would like to go on this list and avoid having to wait behind the crowd – then give us a call and we’ll see if we can upgrade you – plus add a little voucher to towards your treatment.

Until spring – keep warm!



Welcome Jake and Reece!

Finding these lads has been a godsend and so crucial for us to maintain our high levels of customer service!

Jake is a Cohuna local, born and bred and we look forward to him servicing the local district!

Reece, as well, is a born and bred Mildura local. In the past we have serviced Mildura from afar, but landing a local truly helps us reduce wait times and offer more services to the Greater Sunraysia area.

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